Friday, 23 December 2011

A Koala Speaks

 Wednesday, 14 December 2011, 5.15am. Mulligan Drive, Waterview Heights…
In the early morning we become aware of two distinctive sounds – a deep grunting and a gentle squeal. A male and female koala are out there, in the little forest we have planted and encouraged over the years.
When there is sufficient light we go looking for our welcome visitors, and as usual they are difficult to locate. This time, however, the female gives a call and directs our attention to where she is. The male is sitting close at hand, seemingly fast asleep.
I take some photographs to add to our collection of pictures taken on our land and nearby - evidence of just how important this Waterview Heights area is for koala habitat. I become conscious of the female koala gazing down at me. Our eyes meet.
If she could speak, and if she had a human consciousness of the past and of the future, what might she say to each of us?
“If we are such important members of our Earth Community, as you readily proclaim to the world, why do you allow a subdivision of 29 lots in our territory, to increase the pressure on us?
“This development is only a short distance from this tree where I am resting. Our movements will be through its blocks, and across its roads.
“Will we be able to avoid all the extra cars that will come into our area? Will my joey’s future be determined by dog attacks?
“Yes, I am sure your developer will say to us: ‘You have no need to worry, we will put measures in place to protect you.’ But I have seen the speeding cars on Mulligan Drive, despite your koala signs. I have struggled to reach the nearest tree, often at a distance, to be safe from a freely roaming dog. And I have rested in giant trees that have later been removed, because they may put untidy sticks and leaves down on manicured lawns.
“All this makes me wonder about the integrity and long-term policing of your ‘measures’.
“If you truly care about our survival, will you still allow this human intrusion into our precious territory?”
S Mussared