Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Forests NSW have shown yet again that it is incapable of following legal requirements to protect biodiversity in the forests owned by the people of NSW.

Forests NSW are allowing  logging in Koala High Use Areas  in Royal Camp State Forest, 16 km south-west of Casino in northern NSW.  This is despite the fact that logging is prohibited within 20 metres of Koala High Use Areas.

This is yet another breach that the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA)  has identified in this area.( For detailed information see NEFA website.)

NEFA has already appealed several times to NSW Government Ministers to implement the law to stop the illegal logging in Koala High Use Areas.  They have again appealed to ministers (Robyn Parker, Minister for the Environment, and Katrina Hodgkinson, Minister for Primary Industries) to take action.

While those concerned about the protection of this iconic threatened species can hope that these politicians will at last take their responsibilities seriously and bring Forests NSW into line, the past records of both Parker and Hodgkinson indicate that this is unlikely.