Saturday, 20 October 2012


On Friday 19th October the Grafton Chapter of Knitting Nannas Against Gas was launched with a knit-in outside the office of the Chris Gulaptis, Member for Clarence in the NSW State Parliament.  Mr Gulaptis is a member of the National Party which is currently in a coalition government with the Liberal Party in NSW.

The Grafton Nannas, who were inspired by the original Knitting  Nannas in the Lismore district, were protesting against the State Government's support for the coal seam gas (CSG) industry.

A spokesperson for the group stated that they had decided that Grafton should have a similar group to supplement the work that other anti-CSG campaigners are doing in the Clarence Valley.

"In supporting this damaging industry the Government is ignoring  the genuine concerns of ordinary people about issues such as fracking, the threat to aquifers, declining property values and loss of productive agricultural land," she said.

"We are being told by the politicians that everything is O.K. because they have strong safeguards in place. This is simply not true.   

"None of the measures announced by the Government several weeks ago will address the serious social, economic and environmental problems associated with coal seam gas mining.

"We want our politicians, and in particular our local member Mr Gulaptis, to take the community's concerns seriously.  We don't want our grandchildren to live in an area devastated by gas mining."

The Nannas delivered  a letter outlining their concerns to Mr Gulaptis' office.  They are seeking a meeting with him to discuss their concerns in detail.

Cupcakes to Celebrate the Launch