Thursday, 11 July 2013


In a media release on 7th July North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) spokesperson Dailan Pugh was very critical of the inadequate fines imposed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) on the NSW Forestry Corporation for logging Koala High Use Areas in Royal Camp State Forest 16 km south-west of Casino in northern NSW.

The EPA fines, issued almost a year after the breaches, were $300 each for the three penalty notices for logging within a Koala High Use Area and failing to mark the boundary of a Koala High Use Area.

Mr Pugh pointed out that the Forestry Corporation continued logging in nearby koala areas "under the nose of the EPA while the Ministers repeatedly refused [NEFA] requests for an independent assessment."

He said that the Forestry Corporation plans to resume logging in Royal Camp in June had been held up by wet weather but, as the area was drying out, it was expected they would resume logging any day.

"Last Thursday we inspected two small sections of the area they are intending to log and found both contained Koala High Use Areas. Given that the Forestry Corporation still refuse to accept that they need to thoroughly search for Koala scats, it is evident they will go on trashing core Koala habitat.

"From our investigations it is evident that Royal Camp is one of the most important areas of public land for Koalas in the Northern Rivers region. The loggers should not be allowed near it again. This forest should be fully protected as a national park," Mr Pugh said.

Report on the NEFA inspection of Royal Camp State Forest, Compartment 13