Thursday, 26 February 2015

OUR NEWEST NATIONAL PARK : Seminar in Grafton, March 4

Everlasting Swamp National Park

Presented by Dean Egan, NPWS
Wednesday 4 March @ 12 noon
Environment Protection Authority, Level 2, Grafton Government Office Block
Have you heard? The newest of NSW’s national parks is on Grafton’s doorstep: Everlasting Swamp National Park was gazetted in November 2014. 

Located near Lawrence, this freshwater meadow backswamp is a hive of activity for brolgas, black-necked storks, black swans and a vast array of wader species.

The site’s hydrology was modified during its interesting history of vegetable and tea tree cropping, and cattle production. It requires an extensive wetland restoration project to allow the previous moniker of ‘The Kakadu of the South’ to be fully realised.

Learn more about the site’s values and challenges, and get a rare fly-over glimpse of the potential of this local wetland.

These seminars are hosted by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, part of the Office of Environment and Heritage. They are free and open to anyone within the community who has a passion for learning about the environment, and for discovering and critically discussing policy work or research relevant to the Clarence Valley. You can bring your lunch.