Thursday, 17 December 2015


On December 15, two days before the closing of their share offer, Enova Community Energy announced that it had secured more than the required minimum to commence retail operations in the NSW Northern Rivers area.  So Enova is set to become the first community owned electricity supplier in the country.  Its progress is certain to be watched with interest by people in other parts of Australia who are keen to see the expansion of renewable energy as well as communities taking power over their own energy futures.

Of the $3,238,000 raised by the time of the announcement, nearly 75% of the total of 857 share applicants came from the local community.  "This indicates the high level of local support from the local community, making us determined to take control of our renewable future, providing local jobs, enabling new technologies and community benefit projects across the Northern Rivers Region,"  said Alison Crook, the Enova Chair.

Some background on the establishment of Enova was given on September 19 in a CVCC post Enova: New Northern Rivers Energy Retailer.

For further information:  Enova website.

Founding Partners, L-R Steve Harris, Alison Crook, Melissa Mac Court, Patrick Halliday