Sunday, 11 June 2017


The tenth annual ReWeavers Awards dinner was held in Grafton on June 2 in the lead up to World Environment Day.  These awards recognise the valuable contribution individuals have made to environmental protection over many years. 
This year’s recipients were Bill Noonan and Phil Redpath of Grafton and Bob Friederich of Canberra (formerly of Grafton).

Bill Noonan joined the newly-formed Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition (CVCC) in 1988 and was very active in the successful campaign to prevent the establishment of a chemical pulp mill on the Clarence River.  He later became CVCC president, a position he held for 16 years. Bill has participated in many environmental campaigns and has been an articulate advocate for the natural environment over many years.

As an ecologist working for the NSW Government, Phil Redpath achieved large wins for conservation and improved the understanding of several threatened species and vegetation communities.  Along with botanist John Benson, he redefined our understanding of the state of the Australian bush at the time of colonisation, fire ecology and the Aboriginal use of fire.

As an officer of the National Parks and Wildlife Service from 1979, Bob Friederich made a major contribution to the establishment of the service in this area during a period of great change and increasing environmental awareness. As a planning co-ordinator and later as Manager of Grafton District, Bob served for 21 years on the North Coast before transferring to the Northern Tablelands as Regional Manager for five years.

The ReWeavers Certificates were present by Clarence Valley Mayor, Councillor Jim Simmons.

Mayor Jim Simmons, Bill Noonan, Phil Redpath, Bob Friederich  Photo: J Edwards