Earth Matters

Every two months the CVCC organises a presentation on an environmental matter for its members and the general community. Since May 2011 these sessions have been presented in conjunction with the Clarence Environment Centre.

Subjects covered in 2020:
  • Flying Foxes - Little Aussie battlers - Billie Roberts

     This was the only Earth Matters session in 2020.  The advent of the covid pandemic led to the abandonment of these sessions.

Subjects covered in 2019:
  • Nurturing the health of our climate, water cycles and community - Henry Sheehan and Glenn Morris
  • Screening of The Big U Turn Ahead - a presentation by Earth Systems Scientist Will Stephan from the Climate Council.
  • The impact of light on the night sky - Steve Fletcher
  • Climate action one step at a time - Judi Summers. 

Subjects covered in 2018:
  • Grafton street tree heritage - Uniformity & diversity - Jeff Thomas
  • Restoring rainforest - Don Durrant
  •  Sacrifice zone - Cloudcatcher Media documentary on gas campaign
  •  Native bee awareness - Laura Noble
Subjects covered in 2017:
  • Pest species - the Indian or common myna -Laura & Kevin Noble
  • Appropriate fire  regimes for biodiversity in the Northern Rivers - Jim Morrison
  • Knitting Nannas visit Santos' proposed Pilliga Gasfield - Lynette Eggins & Leonie Blain
  • In search of the Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher - Greg Clancy
Subjects covered in 2016:
  • Idalia National Park (Qld) and the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby
  • Cane toads in the Clarence Valley
  • Research on Northern Quolls in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Subjects covered in 2015:
  • An update on gas mining in the NSW Northern Rivers
  • The night sky and light pollution
  • Volunteering for the wombats in Epping Forest National Park in Queensland
  • Inspiration for your town garden 

Subjects covered in 2014:
  • Given the outlook the planet faces with climate change, is it time to consider nuclear energy as part of the solution?
  • Holistic management of grazing property "Wilton Park", using planned grazing techniques and sustainable business decisions
  • Challenges of land ownership in a remote part of NW Tasmania
  • Osprey banding in NSW 

Subjects covered  2013: 
  • Coal seam gas and the Glenugie vigil/blockade
  • Waste management and recycling in the Clarence local government area.
  • An uplifting talk for conservationists, naturalists and others interested in the environment.
  • The Hotspots Fire Project. 
  • National Parks and thheir wildlife in India and Bhutan.

Subjects covered  in 2012:
  • The Indian Myna eradication campaign conducted by  Clarence Valley Conservation in Action (CIA)
  • The management of National Parks in the Diamantina River catchment in north-western Queensland.
  • Responsible forestry and the FSC standard.
  • Wild Count - a fauna research program in the southern New England region.

The topics in 2011 included:
  • Coal seam gas exploration in the NSW Northern Rivers area
  • Research into Flying Foxes and their management near population centres
  • Nature in crisis in the Murray-Darling Basin and in the Pilliga Forests.