Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Blood "Sport" in National Parks

Our National Parks,
Vital sanctuaries
For our precious fellow-creatures,
And reflective of our deep concern
For their present and future well-being.

With Nature's values paramount
In their personal philosophy
People in the past have fought
For Park declarations.
Ridicule and indifference have not deterred them.

But now, a government,
With deplorable lack of ethics
Has  decreed that "blood" sport
Is quite acceptable, even desirable,
In these havens of safety.

Recreational shooters will be
With the primary aim of pleasure,
A goal far different from that professed
Of feral eradication.

And if a native creature
Even an endangered species
Is killed
A shooter's voice may say
"Oh, dear! I made a mistake."

And what of the professional people,
The Rangers, the guardians of the National Parks,
Their crucial work of caring
Will be undermined
By recreational  blood "sport".

Is this a starting point ?
A launching pad
For further intrusions –
Logging, grazing, mining …
In our priceless National Parks.

The message is crystal clear.
This "deal" is very wrong.
It must be obliterated
And our National Parks as true sanctuaries

      -Stan Mussared