Monday 10 June 2013


Since it was elected the NSW Government has made a number of disastrous environmental decisions.  Many of these decisions are a direct result of its desire to oblige the minority Shooters and Fishers Party which has two members in the Legislative Council - a desire which is based on the Government's need for these members' voting support in the upper house.

Last year the Government, at the behest of the Shooters and Fishers Party,  passed a bill allowing 11 species of native duck to be hunted on private land. This overturns the 1995 ban on duck hunting in NSW, a ban resulting from strong campaigning by those concerned with the cruelty of this activity.

In justifying the re-introduction of duck hunting, the Government claims that ducks can only be shot for the purposes of  'sustainable agricultural management', to prevent them from damaging rice crops.

Yet one of the ducks listed for slaughter is the Pink-eared Duck. The Pink-eared Duck does not eat rice and actually preys on insects that are major rice pests. As it is not a threat to 'sustainable agricultural management', it should be removed from the list.

It is quite obvious that the NSW Government, which has in the past claimed its decisions on environmental matters are "science-based",  did not bother to subject the Shooters and Fishers duck wish list to proper scientific scrutiny. This is surely another indication of the Government's enthusiasm for kow-towing to the Shooters and Fishers.

Will the NSW Premier admit the Government got it wrong?  Will he remove the Pink-eared Duck from the Shooters and Fishers kill list?