Sunday 21 July 2013


Incensed by the letter from NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker and Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson about the Government's new plans for using recreational hunters for "pest eradication" in National Parks, a Clarence Valley Resident emailed this response to the ministers.

Note:  The Ministers' letter was the subject of the previous CVCC post  Plans for Hunting in NSW National Parks Changed dated 18 July, 2013. 
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Who do you think you’re kidding?

Allowing red neck shooters into National Parks (which are intended as safe havens for wildlife and for recreation/leisure for humans) is hardly what I’d call “supplementary pest control”.

More to the point would be to have an efficient LHPA [ Livestock Health and Pest Authority] that has sufficient staff to deal with pest species on private properties.  As it stands our local LHPA has 2 rangers to look after the entire Clarence Valley plus Dorrigo.  You must be joking!!

In my area alone (radius of 5 km) in the past 2 years, wild dogs have killed/injured in excess of 50 head of sheep/goats/alpaca; almost 40 head of poultry; killed 2 pet dogs; attacked 5 pet dogs; and threatened 1 person – and that’s just the ones I know of.  And of course, there is no way of calculating the number of wildlife that have been killed.  There are 2 packs of wild dogs operating in my area that I know of.  That’s a lot of wildlife and domestic stock needed to provide them with regular food.

After living on my property for 35 years and walking my dogs through the bush all that time, I now have to pack my 2 German Shepherd Dogs into my car and drive 10 km to walk my dogs safely along a walking track on the edge of town.  Just exactly what do we pay our LHPA rates for?

Get serious.  If all these shooters need somewhere to go to shoot, get them to help farmers, etc eradicate pest species on their properties and leave National Parks for the benefit of wildlife and the public.

Just don’t think I’m going to believe the rubbish about “supplementary pest control” in National Parks.  When you get serious about eradicating pest species, I’ll be interested.