Saturday 19 September 2015


Enova Renewable Community Energy, Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer, was launched recently.

Enova plans to offer a wide range of services, including “best available energy offers” to the Northern Rivers community from the Clarence Valley to the Queensland border.

Enova has stated that its vision is to progressively:
  • reduce our carbon footprint
  • produce locally the energy that we consume
  • accelerate the move to a more energy efficient system, implementing new technologies as they become available
  • provide benefit to all socio-economic groups
  • deliver excellent customer service
  • create employment in the community
Representatives from Enova have been holding meetings throughout the region in the leadup to the launch of the company.  In the Clarence they addressed the Clarence Valley Council’s Climate Change Community Advisory Committee earlier in the year and several months later a U3A Jabberfest (the Grafton U3A’s monthly meeting) in Grafton. 

Following the release of the prospectus the group has been holding information meetings throughout the Northern Rivers region.

For further information  - Enova website